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Intellectual Property

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09.08.2009 - Christopher Dyer  -  Sci-Mate   

Intellectual property (IP) refers to the existence of abstract constructions, such as ideas, inventions, innovations, and other creations of the mind.  IP often refers to concepts, such as music, literature, and art, but is also highly relevant in scientific research.  Individuals and Organizations can secure the exclusive rights to use  IP, such as symbols, names, images, and designs through copyrights, trademarks, patents, and related legal rights.

[edit] IP on Sci-Mate

The protection of IP on Sci-Mate is a major feature of the site. The site's terms and conditions and many of the software processes are designed specifically to allow members to claim ownership of their IP and control the use of such property. Legitimate records of all submissions can be used to demonstrate the originality of contributions, which is a corner stone of copyright, and protect against improper or misuse. As a community site, all members are asked to stand united in resecting, reporting and protecting the rights of all researchers.

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