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13.09.2013 - Christopher Dyer  -  Sci-Mate   

The sci-mate is a set of integrated Web 2.0 tools to help researchers quickly and easily publish the research opportunities they create.


[edit] Browsing

Short lists show the hottest and coolest of everything, from research tools, to technology transfer to jobs to articles to discussion to embedded websites or webcontent. Follow the links at the top of each list to refine an interest in a specific type of content or use the Navi-Bar to dive into all content within categories based on a description, or research discipline.

[edit] Registration and Membership

Membership is free, and only takes a minute. Information is only collected for the safe use of the services, as described in our Privacy Policy.

[edit] List Item

Members can list any item of interest to researchers, including research tools, technology transfer, jobs,  Here is the place for the plasmids that you never use, the antibody that everybody wants, or the next generation computer concept. (see Item Exchange).

[edit] Articles

Articles is a remarkably easy way to edit, move and arrange all sorts of digital content.

[edit] Discussion

A good discussion can bring together ideas and research from anywhere, and lead to significant cross boundary publications.

[edit] Embedded

Embed any web page or URL content on the internet (eg, video, audio, Web 2.0).


[edit] Security

Sci-Mate servers are located in Germany, and we would never - for example - provide data to an organisation such as the NSA without informing our members. Sci-Mate has never provided access to confidential data, personal or scientific.

... more information at Introduction to sci-mate

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