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13.09.2013 - Christopher Dyer  -  Sci-Mate   

Item ExchangeIt is possible to provide all information spontaneously by simply clicking on the desired action and following the instructions. While this might be fine for a discussion or to embed existing content, for items or articles, it is advisable to prepare text that can be pasted into the required fields. It is also a good idea to discuss distribution or publication with colleagues, so that no one is surprised by content appearing online.

Listing an Item, can take 4-5 minutes with pre-prepared material, simply by following the instructions along the way.

Creating an article can take as little as 1-2 minutes using material that is already digitally prepared.

[edit] 3-Step instructions to instantly publish an Article on Sci-Mate:

  1. From within any existing article enter the title into the "Create new Article" box (top left), and press "Create Article";
  2. Select at least one discipline to classify content.
  3. Type, paste, or drag text into the MS Word like text editor, and format accordingly with images as available.

Articles can be just as easily be re-edited, deleted or rolled-back to an earlier version.

The first or senior author should immediately select the tick-box to be the Article's Editor.

Separate pages are available for discussion (left) and review.

"Watch"-ing an Article or Discussion can be done by ticking a box during editing. An email notification will then be sent if any further contributions to the Article or Discussion are made.

[edit] Hints, tips and troubleshooting:

  • To prevent others from editing your article, simply choose to be the Article Editor and provide clear instructions at the end of the Article, or in the Discussion page. If an article is then edited, simply 'restore previous version' from the built in document versioning system.
  • To paste text into the html editor box, you must allow pop-ups from Sci-Mate (we do not allow pop-up advertising, so this exception will not create a problem).
  • Do not use a colon ":" in the title, because the MediaWiki software will interpret this as the start of the title, and only display what comes after the colon.
  • You must define at least one academic discipline or scientific community as the Article's Context.
  • All formating is lost when converting .doc text into the HTML editor. Reformating is easily done using the simple to use buttons, and images can be uploaded and added easily.
  • An better way to create a new Article is to create a link (using the Create link button) from any existing Article to an Article that doesn't exist (define the name of the new Article title as the link title). Clicking on this new link will take you to edit the newly created Article.

[edit] Links

An example, Immunology of Cell Death.

The Play-Mate.

If you would like to read more instructions, see:

Help and Information

Help Centre

Wikipedia Help (may help with some wiki specific questions)

Article Navigation

Article Editing

Basic source code for editing


Choosing a username


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