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Editor:  Christopher Dyer
Branch: Feedback-Wiki
Type: Help Information
Intention: Not for Publication
Read/Write Permissions: Open Access
Authors :
04.01.2010 - Christopher Dyer  -  Sci-Mate   

Feedback Articles are where members can work out any issue- from small technical problems to site policies and future direction.

Members are currently invited to participate in writing an article, "Online Collaboration", to formulate ways to effectively use these tools in research.

You are welcome to contact us by email with any feedback about sci-mate.

If you have problems with the software, there is the bug-mate.

If you would like to comment on policy issues, please do so in the sci-mate open forum.

If there is a block or other service crisis, tell it to your Emergency-mate.

If you wish to inform us about questionable pages, that should be deleted, tell it to the delete-mate.

Help and Information is also available.

If you have a problem not addressed, create a new Feedback Article and discuss what you think is lacking.

If you are having a technical problem, first obtain latest versions of Firefox (recommended), Netscape, and (because we have to) Explorer (no single global link- sorry, but how very microsoft).

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