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13.09.2013 - Christopher Dyer  -  Sci-Mate   

Sounds nice, but how many people are currently active here? is it in fact just one person saying "we"?

Right now, a lot of people are visiting the site (over 3000 per month, about half return visitors). While most seem to be just looking, there is an opportunitiy for those wanting to get their message infront of a lot of researchers to do so.

Which research fields are in focus?

At the moment, no single field is dominant.

Are there enough visitors to expect an interest in any content I put on Sci-Mate?

It very much depends upon what you put onto the site and how interesting it is to other users. Some pages have had tens of thousands of visits. If you put something really interesting onto the site, then the chances of someone engaging with it are very good. The site has successfully distributed software and lab tools, and is a constant reference for various protocols and reports. Anything online can be googled, what Sci-Mate offers is a safe environment that is managed in the interests of academic scientists. Just be sure to include language in your description that is likely to be searched for - after a few days, try searching yourself. Sci-Mate has search optimisation built-in.

How much time do I need to engage with these technologies?

Sci-Mate is designed to be MUCH quicker than handing requests or answering questions via email. Information within a discussion or article on Sci-Mate, for example, takes about the same amount of time to provide, but is available to any number of researchers. If corrections or changes need to be made, information can be edited, and built up by yourself, or even through other researchers. Ultimately, you can decide how much time to put into the distribution of your ideas. We hope that it is considered worthwhile to invest at least some time to promote their value. Materials and services can be extremely difficult to market and distribute outside of Sci-Mate, which has led to some sort of block-buster mentality within large commercial organisations. Sci-Mate is a quick and easy way to openly present ideas and manage distribution.

How secure is data uploaded onto Sci-Mate?

We take security very seriously and have worked hard to prevent anyone getting un-authorised access to your data. Our servers are in Germany, and we have never provided confidential data to any organisation, such as the NSA or other covert public or private organisation. So far no one's broken in, and we hope the genius who does might be the sort that works with us not against us.

Are any costs involved - now or later - any other liabilities?

If you are a researcher involved in basic research, then the site is free. One day we hope that basic research activities will also create commercial opportunities that we may develop income from without harming the basic research activities.

Is the founder himself working with the tool, if yes, in which field of research?

I have worked extensively with the tool, and find it easy to use and a very effective communication devise. If it weren't my site I'd go bizerk publishing everything that I have ever typed into a computer and listing every single plasmid, antibody and cell line I've ever made. However, the site is not for me or any single user to dominate.

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