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Branch: Feedback-Wiki
Type: Help Information
Intention: For Publication
Read/Write Permissions: Open Access
Authors :
22.10.2016 - Christopher Dyer  -  Sci-Mate   
13.12.2010 - John Stewart   
27.10.2010 - Anne Dyer   
24.03.2009 - Chris Parish  -  ANU   
23.12.2008 -   -  DKFZ, German Cancer Reseach Centre   

Sci-MaTE  is a set of online tools intended to help scientists share technology and ideas, AND to benefit from doing so.

Sci-Mate membership is free to Research Scientists, Technology Managers, and Industry Representatives.

The site was launched in 2008, and in 2016 is beginning a second phase of development. Ideally the site should be run as a cooperative organization of academic researchers preserving the interests of scientists. Currently, we are looking for a core group of users to help drive development and establish an effective leadership team.

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