Earth Science: Paulding lights in Michigan a bizarre light phenomenon

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The incredible truth about the Paulding lights, In Paulding Michigan.

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Mr Todd Tocco
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 From left to right are as follows Mars red and the greeenish gaseous cloud is the Aspera constellation, and lastly the yellow white light from the planet Venus.
How is this possible you ask a Heliosphere Plasmas and their embedded magnetic fields affect the formation evolution and destiny of planets and planetary systems.
The heliosphere shielding the solar system from galactic cosmic radiation. Our habitable planet is shielded by its magnetic field,protecting it from solar and cosmic particle radiation and from erosion of the atmosphere by the solar wind.
Planets without the shielding magnetic field, like Mars and Venus are exposed to those processes and evolve differently.
This natural phenomenon is almost like ionizing the air or ozone just in front of a telescope the heliosphere plasmas changes the way we see these constellations and planets like a ripple in the atmousphere which magnifies these planets. The valley is the highest point advantage point  if you were to drive to the hill top, for a better advantage point you would lose the lights behide the horizon. As the valley and hill top are and optical illusion by that I mean it only appears to go up hill.
Problem solved wheres my money (Ripley's Believe It or Not) just kidding.