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GoPubMed is a knowledge-based search engine for biomedical texts.

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Dr Liliana Barrio-Alvers
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GoPubMed uses semantic networks to ensure thorough searching and ultra-fast filtering of relevant results.  GoPubMed, for example, knows that "Aspirin" has 17 synonyms and includes all of them in the search. For the query "Aspirin inhibits," it can be seen at a glance that the "cyclooxegenase pathway" is the most mentioned. Traditional search technologies cannot deliver these results.

Intelligent Browsing

Query the system without typing keywords. By just clicking on - multiple - ontology terms, the platform will expand the query using synonyms and children of this concept. This is true semantic search unseen in other systems available on the market.

Simple Searching

Simple auto-completion data entry fields that providing instant semantically sortable results, which helps rapidly optimise query design.

Advanced Semantics

GoPubMed PRO's Advanced Semantic Statistics offers an efficient alternative for gaining an overview of biomedical literature. A bibliometric analysis platform provides various statistics on biomedical literature by taking into account all data: authors, journals, locations and institutions, lists of author networks and geographic information, as well as the development of a topic over time. Users obtain comprehensive information that allows them to quickly gain new insights.

For more information, see: gopubmed