Taxonomic Driving licences and certifications

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Mr Phillip Boegh

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Call for experiences of Taxonomic certifications or collaborate in a common project about how to create certifications.

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Based on the collaborate, Open Reviewed* document, we are going to start up Taxonomic certifications as an Open Science** project. Even though it is not quite Open Strategy managed***, we like to continuously call for contribution by career and non-career taxonomists as well as museums/institutions to

→ develop a standard procedure to find

           which image angles are needed for keying according to organisms to identify

           what keys are needed, user-friendly and public available as reasonable unify keys

           how to create the 3D images, animation and upload procedures by IT-skilled & taxonomists

           which certification procedures are recommendable

→ tests taxonomists of the upper procedures on various levels

→ fund-raise for professional illustrators and exhibitors (70.000 Euro is estimated for our test exhibition in April 2010).


The upper development belongs to a pilot project while the final project needs help to

→ mass upload images when the procedures are ready – who want to participate?

→ mass certifications on various levels


For this level we are starting to

1. Call interested institutions that like to implement taxonomic certifications

2. Call for existing examples of other museums or institutions who has characterized your experts according to level (of education, experiences, methods, profession or ?? etc.)


The way forward is planned to prepare funds-raising:

Creating a Logical Framework Approach for the project: Achievements and success criteria, Scheduling of time and labor, detailed To-do lists for the development. But lets discuss the questions split up into 2 subprojects:

Sub-project “Self-training for certifications”
How do we implement a common and userfreindly standard-procedure to prepare for certification. How many online species & keys are needed for selftraining? Do we need other tools for operational certification. How many different certification levels?

These success criteria are they feasible:
e intend to upload 5 animations from 25% of the museums of Europe, giving access to 80% of the available open online keys. 25% of all potential recruits of a year group of university biologists should have tried the certification keys at least twice. A side benefit is that 50% when leaving secundary school knows the word taxonomy.


Sub-project “Certifications in Taxonomy”
How often to be certified, what is the passing levels, who will be the certifiers...? How to international collaborate and how to implement it formally?

This sub-project is almost hopeless without the Project “Selftraining ., as too much labour is needed for teaching. Together with this sub-project the pre-recruiting and recruiting should deliver 10 more certified experts per country, and 100 more with a lower certification level. A 5% increase of registered non-career experts registered in the EDIT ExpertDB every year.

*Open Reviewed document: The background document is meant for further development to contain interesting ideas from many collaborate partners and to be increased in its written quality.

**Open Science project: This project is collaborate planned and adjusted to various needs like different equipment, organisms, competences and workload.

***Open Strategy management: To fulfil such management, the initiatives need to be taken and discussed by an open network like Taxacom. However, this initiative is taken, so far, by the Natural History Museum of Denmark and Department of Science Education in Denmark. Known taxonomists that come forward will be partners while other contributors will be associate partners.

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