Developer - PHP, MySQL - Casual Part-time

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Dr Christopher Dyer

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Short Description:
Sci-Mate requires a talented developer for maintenance and ongoing improvements to the site.

     Type of Transfer (explanation): commercial sale of material, service or basic user license
Cost: EUR 30
Quantity per Transfer: 1 hour

Existing patent or patent pending: no
Restricted User License (explanation): no
Other Controling Interests: yes
Offer Expires: 0 seconds

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Developers / Researchers:
Not Applicable

Detailed Description:

Background and Objectives

Sci-Mate was launched in 2007 as one of the first comprehensive Web 2.0 services available for academic scientists. It continues to provide cutting edge software tools facilitating the exchange of information, services and technology between researchers, and between researchers and Industry.


A developer with skills in php, MySQL and related languages/technologies is needed to maintain and improve the existing software platform.

Expectations and Tasks

The goal of Sci-Mate is to make it easy and beneficial for scientists to share their intellectual property with other academics and with Industry.


Over the coming years, as more and more scientists realize the potential of these technologies, Sci-Mate must keep pace with their expectations and service needs.


A developer is required to maintain and improve site functionality. Using a comprehensive set of specification documents, and under the direction of management, the existing base of Web 2.0 technologies should be updated with the latest solutions with an eye on integrated mobile, social and cloud technologies.


As a casual part-time position, work-time flexibility is a key benefit of this position for the intended applicant. While certain objectives must be met within pre-agreed timeframes, and a high level of productivity is expected during assigned work-times, the workload and timelines are negotiable. Periods of rapid development, for example, can be interspersed with periods of slower development to suite the developer if required.


Immediate tasks include a review and optimization of existing software solutions (text editors, Wikis, Simply Machines forum, etc) and the MySQL database. Where updates and/or new solutions are available, these need to be assessed, and compared to existing solutions. A thorough understanding of current Web 2.0 software solutions, therefore, is essential; as well as some experience integrating such solutions into other platforms. The applicant should be sufficiently experienced to understand the risks associated with implementing or altering pre-existing systems.


The Web 2.0 nature of Sci-Mate requires someone with a ‘user first’ mentality. Some basic graphic design skills needed to ensure that user interfaces are pleasant and intuitive. Behind the interface, processes must be developed that simplify user experience, while still satisfying often complex user needs. A good understanding of user's needs (i.e. academic scientists) would be a big advantage.


The applicant should be a 'self-starter' with the initiative to work independently without immediate and constant supervision. They must be able to problem-solve, and to work responsibly on the basis of regular weekly phone/Skype meetings, and irregular (daily) email contact. Communication in English or German is possible, but reading and understanding English is essential.


Location is flexible.

·       Back-end development and database design

·       Software solution proposal, assessment, implementation and optimization

·       Contribute to the design and development of front-end Web applications

Remuneration will be based on level of experience (€30-70 per hour).

Education, Skills and Experiences

·       Enthusiastic, skilled and experienced in web-based development and user-friendly design with a (referenced) portfolio of sites.

 ·       ·       Excellent skills and at least 3 years experience in php, java and MySQL database applications.

 ·       ·       Bachelor or Master qualification in Computer Science, Information Systems, or similar (students or non-qualified developers with a significant amount of relevant experience may apply).

 ·       ·       Some experience in mobile apps would be an advantage.

 ·       ·       Fluent in English.

How to apply

To apply for this position, Sci-Mate members may click the request button. All applicants should also email a copy of:

·       Their personal CV or résumé.

·       References.

·       A list of those selection criteria (see above) that the applicant satisfies, and details about how each listed criteria was met.

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