Syringe, sterile 10ml with Luer Slip + Cannula 100

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Mr John Wayne

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Quality syringes at a very cheap price.

     Type of Transfer (explanation): commercial sale of material, service or basic user license
Cost: EUR 25.82
Quantity per Transfer: 100 pieces

Existing patent or patent pending: no
Restricted User License (explanation): no
Other Controling Interests: yes
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Developers / Researchers:
Not Applicable

Detailed Description:

- 51 % Discount-Price: EUR 25,82
instead of 52,97 EUR (single purchase)

100 pcs. empty syringes, with Luer-Slip, Volume 10 ml
2-parts, every syringe is seperatly sterile packed
100 pcs. cannula (injection needle),
1,20 x 40 mm, seperatly sterile packed.

Perfect to make your own Sporesyringes!!

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