Ly6e: Lymphocyte antigen 6 complex, locus E (Gateway plasmid pDONR201)

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Mr André Leischwitz

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Short Description:

     Type of Transfer (explanation): Free
Cost: Free
Commercial Potential: not sure
Quantity per Transfer: 1 DNA stab

Existing patent or patent pending: no
Restricted User License (explanation): no
Other Controling Interests: no
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Developers / Researchers:
Not Applicable

Detailed Description:
Acquisition Number: CT010220
Organism: mus musculus
Cloning System: Gateway
Vector Background: pDONR201
ORF Length: 411
Stop Codon (open/closed): closed
AA changes: none

Summary Function:

GO: biological process|defense response|IEA|GO:0006952|MGI|na//cellular component|extracellular space|TAS|GO:0005615|MGI|12466851//cellular component|membrane|IEA|GO:0016020|MGI|na//cellular component|plasma membrane|IEA|GO:0005886|MGI|na

GOabr: defense response|extracellular space|membrane|plasma membrane





Unigene rep Accession No: BF581628
Unigene Hs. Number: Mm.788
LLID: 17069
LL_rep_Prot. Acc. No: NP_032555
Unigene Protein No:

The vector and clone material is available to DKFZ members ONLY and should not be transferred to third parties. To request this material, you must be an employee of the DKFZ, registered accordingly with your dkfz mail address and logged into the Sci-Mate. DO NOT request material if you are from any other organization as our license to use these tools prohibits wider distribution.

The material can be obtained from the DKFZ Genomics & Proteomics Core Facilities in the form of bacterial stabs.

All material is provided under the assumption that the user accepts the terms and conditions of the Biological Material Transfer Agreement (see attached).

Biological Material Transfer Agreement
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