EU FP7 ICT-2009 Grant Proposal

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Dr Christopher Dyer

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Sci-Mate seeks collaborative partner(s) to manage and apply for EU funded project, ICT-2009.1.2: Internet of Services, Software and Virtualisation.

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Cost: Free
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Quantity per Transfer: 1 Units

Existing patent or patent pending: no
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Other Controling Interests: no
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Developers / Researchers:
Not Applicable

Detailed Description:

The seventh European research Funding Program (FP7) will shortly call for proposals under the cooperative ICT theme for internet services aimed at developing "Internet of Services, Software and Virtualisation." To meet these objectives, the Sci-Mate seeks members interested in formulating, applying for and managing a project within the scope of the EU program grant. Details of the grant are uploaded as part of this project proposal.

The Sci-Mate and its development team would represent a key element of the grant, but not the leadership role. An organisation or individual with experience in applying for and managing medium to large scale grant proposals is therefore sought.

This matter can be discussed by contact me, Christopher Dyer, directly, or openly through the Q&A feature associated with this listed Project Proposal, or within The-Forum.  If you wish to apply to lead or be a part of this project, please hit the request button, and supply a short summary of your CV.

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