Tropical 1.0 microscopy image analysis software

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Mrs Corinna Sprengart

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Estimates reaction & diffusion coefficients quantitative analyses of microscopy experiments such as Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP).

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Developers / Researchers: Kappel Constantin (DKFZ), Ulrich Jochen (DKFZ), Beaudouin Joel (DKFZ), Ulrich Markus (DKFZ), Hezel Stefan (DKFZ), Eils Roland (DKFZ)
Where Eils Roland is supervisor/ Snr Researcher.

Detailed Description:

Tropical software can be applied to the quantitative analysis of systems with non-homogeneously distributed elements (eg, molecules or cells) based on tiff image inputs. It is particularly well suited for microscopy experiments such as Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP), for the simulation and parameter estimation of reaction-diffusion models.

Tracking Molecules

Fluorescence microscopy techniques such as time-lapse microscopy and fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) have emerged as standard tools for visualizing molecule dynamics in living cells. Quantitative characterization of the motility of molecules requires the fitting of reaction–diffusion models to spatio-temporal data extracted from images (Beaudouin et al., 2006; Delon et al., 2006; Sprague et al., 2004). Computational tools for such quantitative analysis are still missing. Our motivation was thus to develop a program to enable parameter estimation and simulation for complex reaction–diffusion models.

 Tropical Application

Tropical's main advantages are that (1) an inhomogeneous distribution of binding partners can be considered and (2) that it directly operates on microscopy images. So far only a few studies have incorporated the inhomogeneous distribution of binding sites (Beaudouin et al., 2006; Sprague et al., 2006).

Original publication: Tropical—parameter estimation and simulation of reaction–diffusion models based on spatio-temporal microscopy images. Bioinformatics 2006 22(21):2709-2710; doi:10.1093 bioinformatics btl456

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