Science Market

Science Market is a proposal for research scientists and organizations to establish a cooperative online marketplace where cutting edge technology, services and other forms of IP can be made available for ongoing use and development.

The cooperative is now seeking research-based suppliers, investors and altruistic seed partners to establish a service that is commercially secure by serving the public good in areas such as health, society and the environment.

An online marketplace, in which researchers describe and technology managers manage the distribution of technology and services, would dramatically simplify and reduce the costs of technology transfer.

Templates and a wide variety of acceptable upload formats allow researchers to present technology and services in an industry-accessible way.

Permissions, notifications and reports allow technology managers, on behalf of research organizations, to oversee, manage and approve users and listed technology prior to open or restricted publication and distribution.

Industry users and developers can then search and filter according to their needs, and then drill down to find a clear descriptions of technologies and the conditions (eg, licences, agreements, etc) under which requests will be considered.

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