Feedback system

Once a sale has been processed, both the seller and the buyer will be able to leave feedbacks for each other.
The feedback rating is from one star to five stars, and a feedback comment can also be left. The feedback can be left from the Feedback tab from the Members Area. The feedback can only be left once, and it cannot be edited afterwards.
The site admin will reserve its right to delete malicious or untrue feedbacks.

Item watching

The Item Watch feature lets you keep a close eye on any Item without having to place a bid on it. This feature means you can be kept up to date on how an Item is doing and prepares you to place a winning last minute bid. You can watch any Item by clicking on the Watch this Item link on any Item page.

Listing Watch

The Listing Watch features notifies you of newly Listed Items which contain "keywords" you have chosen. For example if you are looking for a "Plasmid" you could enter in those keywords from within your member's area. Each time a new Item is listed containing the term "Plasmid " you will be notified via this web-site. You can enter in as many keywords as you like.

My-Mate- Members Area

Once you have successfully logged in using the login forms from the main page or from the login page (click on the login button from the page header), you will be redirected to your personal My-Mate members area page.
This page contains the latest news about the site and related topics, and allows you to control your activities. On the left are tools to help you manage contributions you have already made, including information about yourself and your account. Below the main tool bar is another set of tools that allow you to distribute new information, services of materials.


On this page, you will also be able to see the Items your currently bidding on, as well as the status of the bids, Items you have won, and Watched Items. By clicking on the Item Watch link, you will be able to add keywords for Items you are interested in. An email will be sent to your email address every time an Item is listed that contains the keyword in its name or description.
By clicking on the View Details link from the Won Items area, you will be able to see the details of the supplier, and make contact with him in order to obtain the Items under the conditions agreed to.

Supply/ Distributing

There are three areas available on this page.
The My Opened Items area, where you will see details of Items you currently have open; if no bids were submitted yet on an Open Item, you are able to edit the Item.
The My Closed Item area, where you will see the Items submitted by yourself, and that were closed. You can choose to edit, delete or re-list a closed Item.
On the Distributed Items area, you will see the Items you have Distributed, and by clicking on the View Details link, you will be redirected to a page where you will see the details of the Requester.
c. Feedback
From this page, you will be able to see the feedbacks you have received, and leave feedbacks to other users.
d. MyProfile
You can edit your personal information (except for your username) and Professional Profile using this page. You can also change the password for the account. If the password and confirm password fields are left empty, then the password will remain the same.

How to Contribute Information and How to Distribute Materials, Services and IP

Quick Registration is required to contribute information in the Wiki-Mate and The-Forum. Full Registration is required to Add or List Items for Distribution.
After Registration, the easiest way to put something on the site is through your personal My-Mate member's area. Click on "List Item" in the "Contribute" tool bar, which is located below the main Sci-Mate tool bar. You will be given the opportunity to List Material, Service or IP; Request Material, Service or IP; Propose a Project or Collaboration; List a Job Vacancy or other employment opportunity; Get Wikid in the Wiki-Mate; or, Discuss within The-Forum. Regardless of what you want to offer the community, you will need to select a category. In some cases, the software helps you choose a category by matching a description you supply. Items must be placed at the top of the category tree. If you can't find the perfect category, list it an 'other...' and suggest an alternative category or category structure in the Feeback-Wiki.

    To listing an Item, you must provide:
  1. The Details of the Proposed Transaction;
  2. Description of Item; and
  3. the Conditions of Transfer.
We encourage you to provide as much information as possible to help others searching for the right solution, but also understand that this might not always be necessary. Many of the fields, therefore, are optional, so a quick listing can be done in less than 5 minutes. If time is precious to you, consider specifying Automatic Evaluation Conditions, which restricts the display of your Item to those groups you select.
We hope the process is self-explanatory. Please provide feedback to make it better in the Feedback-Wiki.


Only researchers with some form of tertiary qualification who are actively employed by a Legitimate Research Organization may register and use the Sci-Mate as Research Scientists.
To qualify, your Organization must be recognized by the Sci-Mate, and you must have a postal and email address associated with that Organization. Other members of the R&D community can register on behalf of their organization or as individual entrepreneurs to obtain commercially available material. Registration is free for all users.
To protect the integrity of the site, your true name will be used to identify your contributions. If you do not want your name associated with information on the site, please do not submit information. Using a false name is a breach of the User's Agreement.

Registration is a privilege, not a right. False Registration or Registration in breach of the User Agreement can barr you from future use of the service and make registration difficult for others within the same organization or region.

Quick Registration (for researcher's only) is simple and only takes a matter minutes. To start the signup process, click on the Register link at the top of the front page. This allows you to interact in the Wiki-Mate and The-Forum.

Detailed Registration (for members of the R&D industry) allows you to Distribute and Request Items Listed upon the site. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible so that others considering your requests are encouraged to accept your Request. This information is supplied only to other Members (not commercial suppliers) with whom you are seeking an interaction with. Much of the information requested is optional and can be added to over time by editing your Professional Profile in My-Profile in My-Mate.

Sometimes it can take 20-30 minutes to process Quick Registrations, and it can take a few days to fully confirm Detailed Registrations of Research Scientists.

How To Request a Listed Item

If you have spotted on Item you would like to Request, you can do so quickly and easily by following these steps:

  1. Login to your account. If you have not registered you can do so within 5 minutes;
  2. Visit the Item page;
  3. You must read carefully all Conditions associated with the Request and Transfer of this Item, in particular any MTA associated provided by the supplier;
  4. Only if you accept all Conditions, may you press the "Request Item" box located in the Details of Item, towards the top of the Item page;
  5. You will then be asked to confirm your bid and may be asked to provide additional information to the supplier considering your Request;
  6. Once you have done so your Request will be sent to the supplier or their representative;
  7. If successful you will be notified by email about the specific details of transfer.

How to Request an Unlisted Item

If you need for a specific solution, then you can Request materials, services or IP through the site using the same process, described above in How to Contribute Information and How to Distribute Materials, Services and IP.