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« on: December 03, 2009, 11:27:53 pm »

An online discussion is perhaps the easiest way to make information available while demonstrating your own expertise.

The IT industry provides many great examples (hardware and software) of how sharing small low value pieces of information can facilitate rapid high value development.

Contributions do not have to be questions, nor is it necessary for you to maintain your interest in the submission. Any fact or technical description that is of value to another researcher is valid for the subject of discussion. Information that is often asked or perhaps misunderstood can be a "New Topic" in the forum. This can be changed over time, or added to by another researcher (or deleted).

To start a discussion, enter the forum, browse to find a relevant category / discipline, and click "NEW TOPIC".

To ask a general question about the site, login and click reply to this thread or start a new one.
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Thanks for clarifications!
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